Behavior Policy

Our behavior policy will be enforced for all inappropriate behavior issues in order to create consistency. These issues will be handled in the following order:

First offense: Verbal reminder that the behavior/action is inappropriate, and asking the child to make an appropriate choice.

Second offense: Removal from activity to time out area in room.
Time out will be equivalent to one minute per year/age of child.
(Example: 5 minutes = 5 years of age)

Third offense: Child will be removed from activity and will report to the Patriot Pals Administrative Office. Child will again be reminded why the behavior/action is inappropriate.
An Incident Report will be written documenting the problem, punishment, and solution. Parent/Guardian and student signature will be required.

A “hurt to hit”, destruction of school property, or eloping  will never be tolerated. Any infractions of this type will go immediately to step 3 in the discipline process, and will result in a phone call to parents, as well as, a 1 day suspension from Patriot Pals.
If more than 3 Incident Reports are written for a child within 1 calendar month, the child may be suspended for 1-3 days from the Patriot Pals program. The Director/Assistant Director of Patriot Pals, after consulting with school administration, may terminate a child’s participation in the program.
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