Classroom Rules

1.  Follow directions the first time.

2.  Follow the stoplight:  Red:  No talking

                                       Yellow:  Whisper

                                       Green:  Talk

3.  Stay in your seat during "Worktime", and raise your hand
      to speak.

4.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

5.  Walk inside the building; use "inside" quiet voices.


In my classroom, the children pull cards for undesirable behavior.  The following are the consequences for each card pulled:


1st time:  Student pulls the GREEN card.  This is a "Warning" card.

2nd time:  Student pulls the YELLOW card.  The student will
                  have "Timeout" for 10 minutes.

3rd time:  Student pulls the BLUE card.  The student will have
                  "Timeout" for 20 minutes.

4th time:  Student pulls the RED card.  The student will have
                 "Timeout" for 30 minutes.

5th time:  Student will be sent to the office.

Severe disruption:  Student will be sent to the office.

This will be explained to your child.  Each day your child will start over with their green card.


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