Classroom Handbook

Money and Notes Sent to School

All money must be sent to school in an envelope with the following information written on the outside:    Your child’s name


                Purpose of the Money
                    (example:  Lunch Money, Field Trip)



Any note sent to me needs to be in an envelope with the following written on the outside:   

                 Your child’s name

Please use the ‘MONEY” envelope given to you for your child’s lunch money and any other money that is sent to school.  Please use a pencil to write the amount and to circle what the money if for.  If for some reason you do not get your MONEY envelope back or if you loose the envelope, you will need to send in a regular envelope with the information written on the outside.


There is also a NOTE envelope provided for you.



Your child may only bring a toy to school if he/she is the Special Friend.  You will receive a note to let you know what to send in if your child is the Special Friend.  The toy MUST fit into your child’s backpack.  Please do not let your child bring any toy guns, swords, or any play weapons (take them off of their action figures).  Please do not let them bring expensive toys to school (ipads, tablets, etc). 

Drop off and pick up information

Please drop your child off in the front of the building.  You do not need to park or get out of your car.  There will be teachers outside to help your child open doors and get out. There will be someone to help your child get to the classroom.  Your child must be in the classroom by 7:40, this is when the 2nd bell rings.  If they come into the classroom after the 2nd bell they will have to get a tardy slip.  If your child is late, you can then park and walk them to the office so they can get a tardy slip.  DO NOT DROP YOUR CHILD OFF AT THE FRONT DOORS.

Please be on time when picking up your child.  Kindergarten students are dismissed at 2:30.  You will go to the front of the building where you dropped off.  You will get in the line with the other parents.  You do not need to get out of your car.  You received a tag to place in your car with your child’s name on it.  All names will be called and your child will come out of the building to your car when their name is called.  DO NOT PUT YOUR CAR IN DRIVE UNTIL THE TEACHER ON DUTY MOTIONS CARS TO MOVE!


Emergency Information

If there is ever a change in your child’s dismissal information, you must send a note stating the change.  (Ex:  if they are going to be a car rider instead of a bus rider, etc.)


Calendars and Staggering Weeks

There will be a calendar to let you know what the menu is for the month.  Please join the Robert F. Woodall Facebook page to see the breakfast and lunch calendars.  You can also find this information on the Robertson County Schools webpage.


Kindergarteners do not attend everyday the first two weeks of school.  Please refer to your child’s staggering and screening schedule sheet.



If your child gets sick at school, the parents will be called to come pick up your child.  Please do not send your child to school if he/she runs a fever, has a rash, or a very bad cold and cough.  Please do not send any medicine to school (cough drops included).  We do not give medicine at school.


School Rules
  1. If you plan to pick up your child early, please go to the office and sign him out.  You are not allowed to come to the classroom.  THIS IS SCHOOL POLICY.
  2. Please dress your child in play clothes.  We play on the floor and go outside.   We also paint a lot.
  3. Your child will have PE.  On these days your child must wear tennis shoes.  Girls must wear pants or shorts.  If the girls wear a skirt or dress, they must wear shorts underneath.
  4. If you need to talk to me, send a DOJO message or note with your child to school and I will call you when I get a break.
  5. School attendance is very important.  Vacations must be pre-approved.  Send a note as soon as you know you will be out of town.  I will get it to the principal for approval.
  6. If your child is absent, send a note to me as to the reason.  A physician’s excuse would be helpful.  It is important for school personnel to know the reason for any absence.  Notes are kept on file.  Your child will be marked unexcused if we do not receive a note.
  7. If your child is late, the parent is to sign the child in through the office and send the tardy slip with your child to the classroom.  YOU MAY NOT drop your child off at his door or at the front door.  You MUST bring them in to the office.
  8. All money MUST be in correct change only.  I will not be able to make change.  If at all possible send checks payable to Woodall Elementary (unless otherwise noted).  Do not send 1 check for more than 1 thing.  (Example:  Do not send 1 check for lunch money and field trip money.  You must send 2 separate checks).
  9. Children are to wear clothing they can manage before and after toileting.  I can not stop teaching to unbutton and button children when they go to the bathroom.
  11. Be on time in the mornings and on time to pick up in the afternoons.

Parties and Field Trips

We will have a party for the following:  Halloween and Christmas.  If you would like to attend a party, you are more than welcome.  However, please make arrangements for a special person to care for your younger children while you are at our party.  NO YOUNGER BROTHERS AND SISTERS ARE TO ATTEND PARTIES.  I will need your help with the class.  Each party will have a chairperson.  The chairperson will contact the other parents assigned to that party.  This person will let you know what needs to be done or sent for your party.  If the chairperson does not contact you at least 1 week before your party, please let me know.


We will celebrate Valentines and Easter, however we will not have a “party”, therefore parents will not attend these celebrations.


We usually do the following Field Trips:

October – Pumpkin Patch (Parents are welcome to attend)!

April or May – A trip to Nashville Children’s Theater to see a play.  (Parents will not attend).

All Field Trip information will be sent home with your child.  Please return all permission slips.  NO YOUNGER BROTHERS AND SISTERS ARE TO ATTEND FIELD TRIPS.  Please make arrangements for a special person to care for your younger children.


Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are special and we love to celebrate with your children on their special day!  We recognize birthdays in class by singing to your child on their day! We will set aside time for special treats one day per month to celebrate each student that has a birthday falling in that month.  I will send an email with the date to send in special snacks for the birthday celebration if you would like to participate.  Parents will not attend this celebration, however we would love for you to eat lunch with your child on their special day!


School Closing Information

Sometimes we have unexpected early school closings, due to bad weather, or snow.  Robert F. Woodall Elementary goes by the Robertson County School Closing Schedule.  You need to stay alert for these closings and be ready to come early for your child.  Do not call the school.  We receive closing information at the same time the radio and T.V. stations do, and our School Reach.


Missed Work

I will send home any work missed due to an absent.  If going on a vacation, let me know if you want the work that will be missed before you go.  If not, I will send it home upon your child’s return.



My Kindergarteners will have homework.  They usually like the idea of this.  It makes them feel big!  Homework will come home on Thursdays.  If you complete it by Friday, you may send it back then, if not it must be turned in by the following Monday.

Report Cards

Report cards will be sent home at the end of each 9 week period.  Please sign and return the report card the following day.


Your child will bring home work almost daily.  The papers will not always be “graded”.  I am aware of the skills your child struggles with.

Discipline Policy

In my classroom, the children pull cards for undesirable behavior.  The following are the consequences for each card pulled:

1st card pulled – Student pulls the green card.  “Warning”

2nd card pulled – Student pulls the yellow card.  “Time Out” for 10 minutes.

3rd card pulled – Student pulls the blue card.  “Time Out” for 20 minutes.

4th card pulled – Student pulls the pink card.  “Time Out” for 30 minutes.

5th time the children does not follow directions student will be sent to the office.

Severe disruption – Student is sent to the office.


This will all be explained to your child.  Each day your child will start over with their green card.  Each Friday, your child will bring home a Behavior Chart.  Inside this chart will be listed if and what each card was pulled for and what day it happened.  I can not send these home daily.  Just ask your child if they pulled a card each day.  You will be able to tell if they were truthful on each Friday.  Please sigh and return their Behavior Charts the next school day.



You are welcome to come and eat lunch with your child.  I do suggest you wait until we have been in school for around 5-6 weeks.  If you do come, just go and sign in at the office. They will let me know that you are at school and your child will stop by the office to pick you up.  You will eat lunch with your child in the foyer.  After lunch, say your goodbyes and I will take your child with me to join the rest of the class.  You will then go back to the office and sign out.


Water Bottles

Your child will need a water bottle to use throughout the day.  Please send bottles that have a flip up opening or a pull up/push down opening.  Please DO NOT send screw top bottles.  (A lot of times they can not get the top screwed on straight and the bottle ends up leaking).  Please make sure your child’s name is written on the bottle.

Supply Money

We will need $25.00 for your child’s supplies.  This money will be used to purchase items needed in the classroom.  (examples:  crayons, pencils, glue, construction paper, paint, pencils, writing paper, and the list goes on). 

Please send messages through Dojo with any questions!!!  However, do not Dojo me with any dismissal changes!  If there is a change in the way your child will leave school, you MUST send a note!  If I am not at school and there is a substitute in the classroom, she will not know of the change!



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